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Let us welcome you to Bolivia.

Let us welcome you to Santa Cruz! Even the most experienced expatriate needs help in a completely new country. I want you to enjoy Bolivia from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, (or choose to stay forever ;-) That’s why I’ve launched a series of all new offline, real life, meet-us-in-person, customized services just for you and your expat family, specially designed to make your initial arrival and settling-in go smoothly.

Our city's motto is "La hospitalidad es ley en Santa Cruz" (Hospitality is the law in Santa Cruz). Here’s how I’m going to contribute to ensuring our city lives up to its official slogan. In addition to the many expat services we offer, I’m going to throw down the red carpet! Check out the "meet you, greet you, take you by the hand, show you around and get you all settled in" welcome party I’ll plan.

What our Welcome Party entails:

Arrange for airport pick-up and transportation to your place of stay. We’ll pick you up at the airport and will accompany you to your reserved place of stay. Look for the BoliviaBella.com logo and your party’s name on our sign. When we arrive at your place of stay, we’ll assist you with check-in.

We’ll meet you with an informative welcome packet. Our welcome packet contains maps and information on local services you may need during your stay, including a variety of restaurants, money exchange houses, attractions and fun things to do within the city area, and much more. We’ll provide you this packet upon arrival.

Assist with an initial money exchange transaction. We’ll help you exchange your currency for bolivianos when you arrive. If your flight arrives at night, we can meet you at the airport with a pre-arranged amount in bolivianos.

Welcome you with a complimentary gift basket. Upon arrival you’ll likely want to freshen up and rest at your new apartment or hotel room. We’ll welcome you with a gift basket filled with healthy local snacks, seasonal fruit, coffee, tea, sugar, bottled water and other basics to tide you over until you can do some shopping.

Take a day or two to rest. Then we'll:

Assist you on your first trip to the grocery store. We'll accompany you on your first grocery shopping trip, explain what some of our unknown local brands and foods are, help you calculate pricing, assist you in requesting any over-the-counter products you’ll need, and help you make your payment. If you prefer, we'll shop for you.

Take you on our Santa Cruz House Hunter Tour. Our $199 House Hunter Tour is designed to help you get a good idea of what some of the city’s neighborhoods are like, so you can get a feel for the areas where you might like to search for a home. You can take our House Hunter Tour any time within the first 15 days after your arrival.

Take you to lunch so we can get to know each other! After our tour we’ll take you to lunch at one of the city’s best restaurants. We’ll answer any questions you have about living in Bolivia, or anything else you're curious to know about your new city in a 2-hour orientation meeting.

Return you to your place of stay. We’ll return you to your hotel or apartment after the tour and we’ll leave you thinking about everything you’ve seen and talked about. We offer many other expat services however, so our assistance doesn't have to end here.

I designed our 'Welcome Party' package to help you get through your first most shocking days and provide you some peace of mind upon arrival. We offer many of these services separately, but at our package price you pay US$599.

This is your chance to have an English speaker ready many details in advance and assist you with others upon arrival! Fill out the form below for full details. Let me know how my team and I can help make living in Bolivia an unforgettable experience for you!

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