The Weather in Oruro Bolivia

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The weather in Oruro Bolivia is cool and arid. Oruro, located high on the Andean highlands (the Altiplano - or High Plateau) is just a short bus ride (about 3 hours) from the city of La Paz. At 3709 meters above sea level, Oruro is best known for the Carnaval de Oruro, a colorful cultural festival which UNESCO has proclaimed as a Heritage of Humanity event.

Here the weather is cool to cold year round. It rains quite a bit during the summer (December to March, also the rainy season) and icy cold winds can cause temperatures to plummet at night to below freezing. August to November, just prior to winter (also known as the dry season, although in Oruro it tends to rain) are the mildest months of the year. Between September and April average temperatures are 64ºF (18ºC)while the average temperature between April and August is 57ºF (14ºC).

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