Water World — Flood Waters in Eastern Bolivia Not Receding

by BoliviaBella.com
(Santa Cruz , Bolivia)

Marcos and I sent two full days on the Mamore River with a consortium of churches and with Samaritan’s Purse delivering food and Sawyer water filters to 50 families in five communities. The flood waters have completely covered all land within thousands of square miles. Many people have of course chosen to leave their communities until the water level drops. Quite a few families, with no place to go, have decided to stay in their homes until the water level recedes. Every family we visited on this trip has been living on top of planks or tables for more than a month now. The more fortunate have a second story, or a raised floor where the can at least get out of the water. The water depth in the communities is anywhere from two feet to six feet deep. Continue reading...

Date: 4 March 2014
Source: AguaYaku.org

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