Water Testing

I had my well tested by a reputable water company...the results showed that the water was not only drinkable but that the ph and minerals, etc. could not be improved upon by their filtation system/facility. Later, because of the sudden, unexpected declining health of a third party drinking the same water, I suggested a hair analysis (not suspecting the water). As a result of this hair analysis (much to our dismay and shock) we discovered that there was a high level of uranium in this person's body. After a preliminary investigation as to the source, we were told to test our well water! We sent a gallon sample to one of the few places in the United States that test 'alpha emitters' in the water and the results showed a high level of uranium... we found out later that this was "due to the decomposition of granite rock that lined the well".

At the time the well was dug the wellman bragged that he was able to save us money by drilling through the rock (even though he broke two drill bits) so as to eliminate the need/cost of a liner...The depth of this well was more than 1000 ft down and it was in an area that has many black quartz type rocks. When we told the water company that originally tested our water that it was contaminated with heavy metals, they insisted that we send them a copy of the report! . . . what is unbelievable about this is the passing grade that they had given our water. If I had not taken the extra precautions that I took (which I was advised not to by others due to cost, etc), we all would've continued drinking this contaminated water which was given a passing grade by a reputable water company...

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