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VPO Bilingual Services is owned by US-born Charis Barks, webmaster of BoliviaBella.com. She is also a professional English/Spanish translator and conference interpreter. VPO was legally established in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in 1998. Our NIT (tax number) is 1027101027. Translation and interpreting services are provided locally and worldwide. VPO interpreters often travel.

Together with Expat Services, also owned by Charis, VPO Bilingual Services provides English-speakers to accompany new arrivals in Santa Cruz, Bolivia when applying for residency, opening a bank account, getting a drivers license, signing rental or purchase contracts, adopting a child, and searching for a home, and more.

If you are a company in need of a professional translator or interpreter for a service or event unrelated to the above services we offer expatriates, please read our work philosophy and the following information:

What you should expect from VPO

We ensure quality by asking you for clarification when we need it.
Your information is never shared or copied unless you request this.
We are honest about our availability to always deliver on time.
Fair prices and discounts on large projects help you save money.
Translators have lived and worked in various countries and industries.
Professionalism is an attitude. We make every effort for our customers.

Help VPO serve you better

Please eliminate viruses from your documents before sending them.
Provide us sufficient time. If you are organized, we can be organized.
The quality of our work depends on the quality of yours.
Please save the translations we deliver to you. We delete after 30 days.
Providing documents electronically helps us keep your original format.
Please ask about our availability before you send a document.
Fair is fair. We deliver on time. Please pay us on time.

VPO English   VPO Español   Expat Services   Translators   Site Tools

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