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You can volunteer in Ecuador in amazing places like the tropics or coastal areas. OK, so forgive me for straying from the topic of Bolivia for just two seconds, but I also lived in Ecuador for four years and there is a very special place in my heart for Ecuador and its people. That’s why I’m so happy to recommend the Ecuador Volunteer Foundation to those of you who’ve decided Bolivia just might not be your thing.

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Ecuador Volunteer Foundation is a non-profit organization legally recognized by the Government of Ecuador, formed through ministerial agreement No.0350 on October 10, 2005. Currently it is the only organization authorized to select and supply volunteers to third party organizations that provide services in social, community, educational, healthcare and ecological projects and programs throughout Ecuador.

volunteer in an ecuadorian community

Because of the many existing socioeconomic needs among the Ecuadorian population, (as in most other countries in Latin America) many different sectors have found it necessary to seek governmental and private support in order to get by. For this reason, ECUADOR VOLUNTEER, through the volunteer work of young people and adults around the world, collaborates with different organizations to carry out development projects.

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Our programs contribute to developing and broadening participants’ horizons. We also contribute to understanding and development in the towns in which participants work and this takes place through the contributions that this cultural exchange provides.

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Cultural exchange means discovering a new culture while sharing about one’s own. Cohabiting successfully among others in intercultural situations means learning, adapting to new cultures, being tolerant and patient, developing a broader vision of the world, and being conscious of the values of others. The Ecuador Volunteer Foundation attempts to foster this in both the participants and the projects where they will be volunteering.

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The volunteer projects are classified either as “Free Projects” and “Low Cost Projects,” presenting different alternatives of work in different areas.

***Free Projects *** In this section you will find information about different opportunities for free voluntary work, where the projects will cover the volunteers’ lodging costs and meals during their time of collaboration. Volunteers must contact us at least 3 months in advance to apply for these projects.

***Low Cost Projects*** For the volunteers interested in collaborating for a shorter period of 1 to 3 months, the “Ecuador Volunteer Foundation” offers some opportunities for volunteer work where the applicants are expected to cover their own expenses. Some of the projects offer meals. It is very important to take into account the project costs which are located on each program’s information page.

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Volunteer in Ecuador with Ecuador Volunteer

Yánez Pinzón N25-106 y Av. Colón
Quito, Ecuador, South America
Telfax (593-2) 2564488 - 2557749 - 2226544
Skype: ecuadorvolunteer

Visit our website.

The Foundation's website is full of information on interesting projects, how much they cost, what regions they cover, and what areas you can give of your time in. Read a message from our director.

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