Viva Bolivia, Viva Santa Cruz

by Gigi heredia

Whats up my people. Well I love Bolivia that place is so best. I can proudly say that im 100% CAMBA and i love it!! Right now i live in VA i have been here for 9 years and in those 9 years i have only gone to bolivia once which was in the summer of 2007, when i went back to mi pais there was this feeling you know, like realivment i guess, men that day was the sh**..LOLZ.
That same day we had a big party con todo... we had Bandas, comida, de todo no. Hearing peopl3e not talkin in english n hearing the music i havent heard in a while was so beautiful i just wanted to crack right there. Well i live in santa cruz close to el mercado EL ABASTO. i stayed in bolivia for a month and it went on fast. i went everywhere KARTING,SAIMAPATA,PORTACHUELO,BUENA VISTA, CINE CENTER everywhere yo.
The food was amazing i havent ate that food in forever i mean my mom makes it but you know its not the same. I ate every day.
We going through a rough time with the whole evo stuf. omg i feel so helpless i cant do anything. im against evo all the stuff he is doin is wrong, he is killin his own people, takin from the rich and not even giving to the poor just keeping it to him self. we have to do something about that.

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Sep 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

get a life

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