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Tour agencies to Salar de Uyuni NOT recommended 
At the end of June, my partner and I took the tour 4 days / 3 nights from Uyuni and had a bad experience with Mammut Expedition and then Hurricane Expeditions. …

trip in salt lake of uyuni 
may you tell me is it the good time to visit the salt lake in uyuni in October?

A quick glimpse at a beautiful country 
Hello all! I just got back from Bolivia and was blown away -- what a beautiful country with diverse terrain, and Salar de Uyuni is unlike anything on …

Question about tours to Uyuni, Bolivia 
Is it possible to do a one day tour of the salar de Uyuni? We don't have time for anything longer.

Villazon - Uyuni - Villazon tiene una linea de tren, pero solo a un horario, y únicamente 4 dias por semana. Existe alguna oferta en BUS que amplie la …

Random Questions About the Uyuni Salt Flats 
1) What does the air smell like? Salt or acrid or anything? 2) When is the nicest time of year to go? 3) Is the elevation very high? Do folks …

Any tour limitation on the salar due to flood?? 
We're coming in mid Feb, around 16 or 17th. Will the tours be limited to certain areas for safety reason? If such, do you still recommend a 3D2N trip? …

What is the condition of the Salar de Uyuni this time of year? 
Hi, I want to ask if the Salar the Uyuni is open right now for the 3 days trip and its not flooded. Message posted 2 February 2013.

Quickest way to get to the Salar de Uyuni salt flats? 
Hi, I would like to know which is the quickest way to go to Salar Uyuni from Rio de Janeiro. Is it from Chile?

New Years Uyuni Tour Service 
Hello, Im Tsugumi Yamanaka from Japan. Im looking for a tour company in Salar de Uyuni that is in service from the 1st of January until the 3rd of January. …

Sundays in Uyuni? 
Is Uyuni opened on Sundays for tours? Thanks!

Salar de Uyuni Bolivia: All about all that salt !!! 
The largest deposit of salt on the planet: the Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni salt beds), contains over 64 million tons of salt according to some calculations …

Travel by Car - Chile to Bolivia to Argentina 
We are thinking of driving through Bolivia on the way to Argentina via Chile our proposed route would be La Paz, Potosi, Uyuni, then over the border to …

Women in Uyuni Desert 
I would love to share some information with women from Uyuni, Tuhua or Fisherman's Land. Is anyone out there to tell me how a woman's life is over there? …

be careful on trips to salar de uyuni 
Please read carefully if you are considering a trip to Salar De Uyuni. We started our trip on Salar De Uyuni on Sunday 13th July 2008, a 3 day tour …

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