"U.S. Military Bases Divide Governments"

El Mundo, Santa Cruz, 16 August, 2010: President Evo Morales stated that United States military bases in Latin America are another way to divide the presidents of South American governments.

"Where the empire (U.S.) has its military bases there has never been integration and they jeopardize integration. It's another way of trying to divide us, the presidents and governments, especially in Latin America, " said the Bolivian president. The Andean president made these statements in direct allusion to the North American military bases in Colombia.

According to Morales, the military bases are not only a way to implement foreign policy in the region, but they also jeopardize the development of the region.

He made these statements at the IV Social Forum of America in Asunción (Paraguay). Finally, Morales expressed hope that Venezuela would be incorporated into the Mercado Común del Sur (Mercosur).

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Source: El Mundo
Date: 16-Aug-2010

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