UK Citizen applying for a residency visa

by Paul

Hello everyone. My name is Paul and I am from the UK. I have recently discovered this wonderful website.

I have looked through the forum and can not see a more recent answer to a few questions I have concerning apply for a residency visa.

My girlfriend is from Sucre and has recently returned to Bolivia after living with me in the UK for 6 months.

For the next stage of our relationship I want to go out to live with her for the next year while she finishes University.

I have spent 6 months previous in Sucre on a tourist visa and a student visa and I am now researching the temporary resident visa route. I know before I arrive in Bolivia I need to apply for a specific purpose visa. This is where my confusion starts.

I am not sure which one to apply for as there seems to be 3 different types. A filming one, a marriage one and a working one. Can someone please shed some light on which one I need to apply for. Also it says I need a report from the British police. As far as I know the police here only have a record of a citizen if they have a criminal record. So if there are any other British citizens that have gone through this process can you kindly advise me.

My last question for now is once in Bolivia how much roughly and I looking at with the visa/lawyers and medical checks? Foreign friends already in Sucre have quoted anywhere between $500-$900.

Thanks kindly in advance.


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Dec 14, 2015
Residence Visa
by: Anonymous

Hi Paul,
According to recent inmigration laws in Bolivia, as a UK citizen you are not going to need Special Purpose Visa (visa de objeto determinado) anymore.
You can enter the country and get the tourist visa upon arrival at the airport, later apply for your residence in Sucre.
There are a few types of residence visas, like bussines/work visa, family visa, retirement visa... depends on which one you apply the visa costs 130 $ or 300$, besides that you are going to expend for medical examination 65$ notary fees, certifications and others 100$.
Good luck

Dec 13, 2015
working visa
by: Anonymous

well it is obvious to apply for the working you think that you will be able to find a job there while you are there?
the Law thing in Bolivia is very very slow..... so be prepare to wait for everything you do...
At the moment things in Bolivia are just as expensive as here... except the transport which is very cheap.
so, if you where to have a couple of thousands pounds with you, that would be fine depending of the length of time you intent to be there.
You will need about say; £150 per month to pay rent. electricity and water after that food it is up to you how much you expend.
If you live with your friend that would be cheaper still...
Any way I have just come back from La Paz and I found things are expensive,well not every thing of-course
good luck with your plans

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