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Are you planning to travel to Bolivia? is the world’s number one site for Bolivia travel planning.

Whether you’re a tourist looking for the best tourist attractions in Bolivia, a student planning a longer but not permanent stay, a volunteer looking for a chance to make a difference, a business person in search of investment opportunities, or an expat planning to live in Bolivia, you’ll find thousands of facts about Bolivia. is not a travel agency or tour operator. You won’t find pre-packaged Bolivia travel deals. Instead, we’ll freely and openly tell you everything we know about Bolivia from start to finish, in English!

In addition, you can:

• discuss dozens of topics in our Bolivia travel forums,
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• learn about Bolivian food, recipes and restaurants,
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• dispel stereotypes you may have had about Bolivian people and culture,
• access over 1000 pages of general Bolivia facts and information,
• or contact Expat Services for personal assistance

BoliviaBella is different:

Most importantly, differs from every other website about Bolivia because you can personally interact with both foreigners and Bolivians who know what it takes to travel Bolivia, live and work in Bolivia, plan tours, find housing, raise children, start a business, apply for residency . . . the list goes on. We make it possible for you to travel to Bolivia with assurance knowing that you fully researched and obtained as many facts about Bolivia as you can prior to arriving.

Bolivia travel planning:

To begin, enter any one of our many fact-filled sections by clicking on the green buttons to your left – they’re on every page! And be sure to use all of our site tools so you can receive instant updates and stay in touch!

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