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by Louise

Hi - I'm travelling to Sucre to learn Spanish and volunteer a little at the same time. I fly into La Paz (at 3pm) in April, and I'm trying to work out if it's best to wait for the flight the next day or to try and get a bus/ taxi up to Sucre on the same day, although it could be a little late for this? My Spanish is non-existent currently so negotiating the bus/ taxi could be a little challenging too? But thought I'd see what the experts say!

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Jan 18, 2010
bus from la paz to sucre
by: BoliviaBella

Hi Louise. The bus from La Paz to Sucre costs about $15 and is a 14 hour drive (at least, depending on road and weather conditions).

An alternative would be to take a bus from La Paz to Cochabamba, which is at least 6 hours and the bus from Cochabamba to Sucre is about a 12 hour ride. This makes your trip longer, but breaks it up and affords you the opportunity to spend a little time in Cocha and rest or look around.

If you can afford a flight, it's probably recommendable. If you wait for a flight out from La Paz to Sucre the next day, chances are you'd be arriving earlier or at least you'd arrive at about the same time as you would if you took this grueling bus trip.

Should you choose to take the bus, the cost from La Paz to Cochabamba is about $8 and from Cocha to Sucre about $6. And like I said, from La Paz to Sucre is about $15.

Sucre airport tends to experience closures during the rainy season (which we're in right now) because of fog so take into account that if it's raining when you plan to fly your flight may be cancelled or at least delayed. It doesn't happen THAT frequently, but it does happen.

Perhaps someone else has a different opinion?

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