Find Interpreter and Translator Jobs

If you are looking for interpreter and translator jobs overseas, there are many ways to do so. Fortunately, technology has made it possible for us to work for companies across the globe from any location, as freelance translators. The following information will help you know where to start. It may also be useful for interpreters planning to market themselves as interpreters willing to travel and work overseas.

Search on Job Search Engines has hundreds of interpreter and translator jobs. You can search for them by entering specific keywords such as "translator" or "translation", "interpreter" or "interpretation", "spanish" or "bilingual", etc. You can also search by location, but if you do not enter a location, it will list ALL of the interpreter and translator jobs currently posted on the site. is a searchable job database. It lists thousands of jobs for translators and interpreters. Click here to search for translator jobs by state. Then, simply delete the word “translator” and type in “interpreter” for even more job listings.

More Job Search Engines: The following are some others you might use to search for translation and interpretation jobs. There are hundreds of job search engines. Simply Google ”job search engines” to find more. | | |

Join Websites Dedicated Just to Translation

Some online translation job sites function on a bidding system. You must register to become a member of the site and login to begin bidding on translation jobs. These are some of the best-known translation job bidding sites. To find more, try Googling find translation jobs online or conference interpreter jobs or translator job websites and other similar keywords. A WORD OF ADVICE: before you start bidding on translator jobs, read the two articles below on why you should stay strong on prices! | | | | |

Offer Your Services Directly to Companies has a list of the 100 best companies to work with for flexible translation jobs. Many of these companies are looking to work with freelance translators and interpreters for occasional jobs, but some also hire part-time or full-time in-house translators.

Your Membership

Remember, one of the benefits of becoming a member of is that we will be promoting our members by mailing personalized letters offering our services to several hundred companies per year. To ensure you are included, keep your membership in good standing.

Sign Up for Google Alerts

You can sign up to receive Google Alerts on any topic you choose and it is very easy to do. Simply go to Google Alerts and enter a keyword (such as “translator jobs” or “interpreter jobs” or “simultaneous interpretation” and your email address and you will receive a notification by email each day from Google that lists the most recently posted articles or pages on your specific keyword. Click here for more information on how to create an alert.

Register with a Translation Agency

Translation agencies provide the language services needed by companies that do business globally. They do the work of finding translation and interpretation jobs for you. They continually publicize their agency to establish relationships with companies. Some work with translators and interpreters individually, calling or emailing to ask if you’re available. Others post jobs online and ask for bids. Therefore, you can work for agencies no matter where you live.

Be very wise! Translation agencies typically charge their clients 2 to 4 times more than they are paying the translators and interpreters who do the work. (In the USA, up to 40 cents per word.) Knowing this, negotiate the prices you are worth! has a list of the top 20 translation agencies to work with (rated by translators and interpreters). It is updated once a day based on the latest reviews of agencies posted. has this public list of over 50,000 translation agencies and companies, along with a description of the types of documents or jobs they offer, industries and topics in which they specialize, languages offered or supported, and contact information.

How to LOSE Translator Interpreter Jobs

Join the No Peanuts! Movement One way to lose out on the BEST work opportunities for translators and interpreters is to undermine your own profession (and your fellow translators and interpreters) by charging prices that are too low. It ultimately works against you and makes it harder for all of us to demand a fair living wage. By working together to build up our profession (rather than tearing it down) we will make it possible for all translators to charge better prices, and garner respect for our work.

If you are a member of YOU already possess superior language, writing and memory skills and have worked hard for years to prove yourselves and earn the highly valued reputations you have. Leave the low-paying jobs for beginner translators. Low prices are associated with low quality. Set your prices with confidence. If you don't value your own work, no one else ever will. No Peanuts!


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