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There are many translator blogs, websites, books and articles about translation and interpretation as a profession, most of them written by translators and interpreters themselves who are open to sharing their experiences, lessons learned, failures and successes, suggestions, advice and tips with their peers.

As interpreters and translators in Bolivia, we aren't always aware of the many learning resources available to us, or of the multitude of opportunities of which we could take advantage, if we only knew how to effectively market our skills internationally.

Some of the most successful translators and interpreters in the world have learned that the most effective way to become successful in our profession (and to improve conditions for everyone) is for all of us to work together and uplift each other, rather than viewing our fellow translators and interpreters as someone to continually compete against.

Since 2011, translation and interpretation has been ranking as one of the top 20 professions in the world. As the world becomes more and more globalized, the potential for growth and success in our field is enormous, if we all commit ourselves to upholding certain standards. Take some time to learn from the following interpreter and translator blogs, websites, books, and other resources.

Blogs by Translators and Interpreters

Blog Trekker is an extensive list of blogs published by translators and interpreters. You'll find it on the American Translators Association website.

Translator Blog List is another very long list of blogs by translators and interpreters that you can find on

The following are 4 of the top blogs about our industry:

Translator Thoughts | Translation Times

Business School for Translators | Thoughts on Translation


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