Interpreter & Translator Associations

Interpreter and translator associations offer us a way to network with others in our profession. The following websites have extensive lists of associations for translators and interpreters around the world. If you specialize in translation or interpretation for a specific industry or client, or work with certain language pairs, it could be useful to you to join associations in other countries in order to make it possible for you to market your skills outside of Bolivia. Not all professional associations are international. However, even smaller national or local associations sometimes offer membership (or at least associate membership) to translators and interpreters in other countries. It's worth taking a look:

Interpreter and Translator Associations - Global

This list of interpreter and translator associations worldwide can be found on It lists international associations first, and then national associations, in alphabetical order by country. Some countries are subdivided even further (for example, in the United States there are also state associations and city associations).

Interpreter and Translator Associations - USA

This list of interpreter and translator associations in the USA is compiled by (the Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association) and lists professional associations including national, state, and city groups. This wonderful tool has 6 tabs (leng├╝etas) that you can click on. Click the Associations tab to find interpreter and translator associations by state and by city. Click the Judicial/Legal tab specifically for court of legal interpreter and translator associations. Click the Healthcare tab for associations of medical translators and interpreters.


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