Traditional Foods Festival at the Pirai River - Aug 29

In keeping with a series of food festivals highlighting the typical foods of Santa Cruz, this weekend you can enjoy even more as the Cabañas del Río Piraí celebrate the Traditional Foods Festival, in an effort to highlight and recover some of the typical cruceño foods that are being forgotten. Visit on Sunday between 10 and 11 a.m. and you can try some very interesting "camba" foods for free, such as cheruje, sopa tapada, tapeque, mondongo, tatú, and almendrote, all while enjoying loud music, dancing and some of the typical games of yesteryear.

Might as well make it a full day of cultural fun as just a few blocks away, at the Parque Autonómico, cruceños will be celebrating their customs and traditions big time with games, foods, handcrafts, music, and dancing (great photo opportunities) as Sunday is Día de la Tradición Cruceña (Santa Cruz Traditions Day).

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