Thank you Expat Services!

by Santosh Lamichhane

I'm satisfied with the answer from one of the staff of Boliviabella
by: Santosh Lamichhane

Hi this is me the same person (Santosh) who wrote before and got the answer from one of the coperative staff of BoliviaBella by email ...

Thanks to both the BoliviaBella & Ms.Rebeca Gonzales which made me ending my frustration where I was stuck in a confusion from a year and keep on cancelling my flights to Buenos Aires after having some misunderstanding with the Argentine Embassy in New Delhi due to some local clerks there entertaining for me to go thru some unregistered agents with amount of US$ 6000.

From that day I was looking for some websites who clearly gives the answer to your query. It's shame on those people who always looks all the people with the same point of view ... Yes I know before I've to seen some Asians going to South America and later going to the land trying to enter the USA ilegally but that doesn't mean I should be among from them!!! I just thought to go to some beauitiful countries of South America and go to my vist my girl friend's place in Argentina ...

This was an email I got in reply from the BoliviaBella
"Dear Sir,

My name is Rebeca Gonzales, I work for Bolivia Bella Expat Services. I received your email and I am going to help you.

Nepalese citizens can obtain a tourist visa when they arrive to Bolivia, as soon as you land you will be lead to Migration office, there you are going to explain your intention to visit Bolivia, how long and also your plans to visit Argentina later. Be sure your passport has at least 6 month more of validity.

The cost of this visa is about 100 - 150 u$d dollars.

I hope i have helped you, anything give a call when you arrive to Bolivia, I live inSanta Cruz. Good luck

Rebeca Gonzales
mobile: (591) -------- "

Thanks a lot once again Rebeca and whole BoliviaBella team ... Will call you when I reach there on 15-16th of March when I reach there... Tomorrow I'll forward my itinerary ... Now feeling excited with my new trip :) its my first trip to that region though I've only visited 6% of the our earth :( want to see all before I die ;)

Santosh Lamichhane

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