TeatreAndo: Bolivia's First Magazine Dedicated Exclusively to Theater

by APAC - Asociación Pro Arte y Cultura
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia)



TeatreAndo: A walk through Bolivian theater: The first Bolivian magazine dedicated just to theater has launched its first edition. TeatreAndo is the name of the quarterly magazine, to be published by Asociación Pro Arte y Cultura (APAC, the Association Pro Art and Culture of Santa Cruz, Bolivia).

TeatreAndo is formed by two Spanish words: 'teatro' (theater) and 'andando' (walking), explains Cecilia Kenning, President of APAC, who masterminded the project. The first edition is available now at a cost of just Bs. 10 (about US$1,50) at news shops throughout the city center, the 'Hombres Nuevos' National School of Theater, supemarkets, and several cafés, in addition to the APAC offices located on Avenida Busch 552.

According to Kenning, 30% of the print run will be distributed to various educational and cultural institutions free of charge. The goal is to document local and national theatrical activities and to showcase new theatrical trends worldwide. To this end, TeatreAndo will be supported by a group of collaborators who, depending on the articles and features to be included in each issue, contribute with critiques, analysis and research on theater at the local, national and international levels. In addition, each issue will contain an agenda featuring theatrical activities in major Latin American and European capital cities known for theater such as Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Madrid, and Paris.

The cover of the first issue features a scene from 'Siempre Libres' (Free Forever), the play directed by Porfirio Azogue in celebration of the Bicentennial of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Marcos Malavia, Edgar Lora, Paula Peña, Marcelo Araúz, Marcelo Alcón, and Willy Muñoz contributed to the first issue with interesting articles on the following:

Alejandro Jodorowky, the Chilean playwright and director; the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature, which was won by Mario Vargas Llosa during his days as a playwright; 'Otra Vez Marcelo' the latest play by César Brie and the Teatro de los Andes, prior their departure from the country; the life and death of Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz; an interview with Bolivia's most internationally renowned director, Porfirio Azogue, on his play about the Bicentennial of Santa Cruz; and features on the work APAC does continually to support theater in Bolivia, and especially in Santa Cruz.

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