Sunday 4 April 2010 Municipal and Departmental Elections in Bolivia

On Sunday the 4th of April 2010 (which is also Easter Sunday this year) all activities will be suspended (including transportation) for municipal and departmental elections. Bolivians must obligatorily vote for mayors and governors on this day.

The "dry law" will be in effect up to 48 hours prior (and would have been put into effect anyway as selling or consuming alcoholic beverages is illegal prior to Easter). There will be no transportation on Sunday the 4th.

Some airlines may be running but finding local buses and taxis will be difficult and there will be no interdepartmental buses between cities either.

This year President Evo Morales passed a decree making it obligatory for all foreigners who live in Bolivia and have a minimum residency of 2 years to vote in the upcoming municipal elections. If you plan to vote you should have already registered (by the February 14th deadline). If you did not register to vote, and do not vote, you may be subject to fines and may have difficulty with bank transactions up to 90 days after elections.

Be sure to make any preparations you need for this day and driving will not be allowed. Stock up at the grocery store and anything else you think you'll need for Easter Sunday.

As these elections fall on Easter Sunday the government met with representatives of the Catholic Church and church services will be allowed but many of the other traditional Easter activities will not, including some of the important street processions, as gathering in large groups is not allowed on election days.

Check in advance with your church to find out if mass or services will be held and keep in mind you will not be allowed to drive anywhere.

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