Spicing things up with llajua.

by Chef Noly
(The Salteña Place & Noly's World Cuisine)

Its Wacataya Wednesday! Today launches a wonderful collaboration and ongoing celebration of Bolivian food and culture. Each Wednesday, Bella the webmaster of BoliviaBella.com (Santa Cruz, Bolivia) and I, Chef Noly from Noly's World Cuisine (Chicago, IL, USA), will teach you about Bolivian food.

How did this collaboration begin and what's a wacataya?

You can read the whole story about how we met by chance, by visiting my blog. Bella and I discovered that we share a love of Bolivia and became fast friends. Many emails later we decided to bring our knowledge together. Each week I will share with you some of my favorite Bolivian recipes, introduce you to unique ingredients, explain where you can find those ingredients and relate how the different regions of Bolivia influence Bolivian cuisine.

Feel free to add your own comments and questions and by all means, if you try any of the recipes we feature or have ideas for recipes you'd LIKE us to feature just click on "post comments" below to share. We also encourage you to share your own favorite recipes for Bolivian food. For now, click to see today's recipe.

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