Specific Purpose Visa renewal

by Confused Dad
(Minnesota, US)

My daughter will be traveling to Bolivia next week to volunteer for two months (56 days). The Bolivian Consulate denied her application for a tourist visa and had us request a Specific Purpose visa instead, which they approved. Since the Specific Purpose vise is only good for 30 days, she will need to renew it once after arrival in La Paz.

The volunteer work she will be doing is 3.5 hours from La Paz, so it will be difficult, at best, for her to return to La Paz after 30 days to renew her Specific Purpose visa.

Our contact at the Bolivian Consulate in Washington, DC thinks she can simply get the extension immediately upon arrival in La Paz, but he's not positive of that and he has no contact info for Immigration Services in La Paz.

Our contact where she will be volunteering thinks that she will have to wait until the end of the first 30 days to apply for the extension, meaning a 7 hour round trip to La Paz.

So two questions: 1) Can she renew/extend the Specific Purpose visa immediately upon arrival in La Paz or does she have to wait until it is about to expire before extending it?

2) Where does she go to extend the visa? I'm assuming it can be done in the airport, but I'm not sure. Are there other options?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide (preferably by 6/5/2014, if possible).

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