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Spanish classes in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

You can learn Spanish in Bolivia quickly and efficiently, by taking tailor made Spanish courses in Bolivia that are customized to your travel time and learning level.

If you're traveling Bolivia and would like to take short-term Spanish classes in Santa Cruz, Marlen Frerking is a Spanish and German teacher who offers private classes tailored to your needs and schedule.

She's well known in Santa Cruz among private high schools and companies who want their regular or temporary-contract employees to take advanced speed-learning language classes. Marlen tailors the class to your length of stay and level of advancement, in an easy-going atmosphere.

When you're touring or traveling it can be difficult to take classes at an institute because you have to adhere to their schedule and pay the full course or semester, even if your trip won't allow you the time to complete it. Taking Spanish classes with Marlen is a nice option when you don't have the kind of travel or tour schedule that will allow you to take and/or complete a more structured type of Spanish course. The cost is $10 per hour.

Many tourists have chosen to learn Spanish with Marlen because they can schedule the classes around their own activities and travel itineraries, and can choose the length of the program.

Marlen has been teaching German and Spanish for over 10 years. She also speaks intermediate English. If you'd like to learn Spanish in Bolivia (Santa Cruz) contact Marlen Frerking (in advance, if possible) right here:

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