Second Day of Violence as Medical Students Protest in La Paz, Bolivia

Thursday, 10 May 2012. Police and university medical students clashed again at lunch time in La Paz today, this time near the Ministry of Health and UMSA university in the city center. Medical students and professionals continue to protest against Decree 1126 which extends their workday from six hours a day to eight.

Several hundred students threw fireworks and red paint at riot police who initially did not respond as they were greatly outnumbered. A small contingency of police, with shields up, huddled in a group under their shields until reinforcements arrived. At that moment police reacted quickly, shooting canisters of teargas into the crowd of students.

At the nearby Don Bosco school students were locked in, but were nevertheless affected by the teargas as well. Police held off the university students with an armored truck armed with a water canon so that concerned parents could pick up the schoolchildren. At the time of this writing (2:00 p.m.) they continue to hold the university students at bay.

Source: RED PAT noontime TV news. Date: 10 May 2012

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