Screening of "The Devils Miner" in Houston, Texas 3 Oct. 2010

A powerful, heart wrenching documentary, THE DEVIL'S MINER is the story of 14 year-old Basilio Vargas and his 12 year-old brother Bernardino, as they work in the Bolivian silver mines of Cerro Rico, which date back to the sixteenth century. Through the children's eyes, we encounter the world of devout Catholic miners who sever their ties with God upon entering the mountain. It is an ancient belief that the devil, as represented by hundreds of statues constructed in the tunnels, determines the fate of all who work within the mines. Raised without a father and living in virtual poverty with their mother on the slopes of the mine, the boys assume many adult responsibilities. Basilio believes only the mountain devil's generosity will allow them to earn enough to continue the new school year. Without an education, the brothers have no chance to escape their destiny in the silver mines.

The winner of numerous international film festival awards, THE DEVIL'S MINER is a human portrait of the next generation's struggle to keep their faith in a world where mere survival is a miracle.

This event will take place at BARNEVELDER THEATER, 2201 Preston St. Houston, TX, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 2010 - First Screening: 5-7 pm, Second Screening: 7:30-9:30 pm. General Admission: $15, Students $12

It is in support of an Award-Winning Project called "Empowering Women in Mining Communities of Bolivia", Recognized by former President Bill Clinton at the Second Clinton Global Initiative Meeting 2009.

PLEASE RSVP to or register online here. CASH ONLY at the door. The ticket includes food, drinks, raffle ticket, and discounts for hand-made arts & crafts.

For more information, please contact us at or 713-528-2234

This Film has been endorsed by the Human Rights Watch. It annually selects First Run titles that shed light on human rights abuses throughout the world.

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