Santa Cruz "No Violence" Day

(Santa Cruz Bolivia)

Every year in March, Santa Cruz Bolivia celebrates "No Violence" Day, coordinated by the Jessika Borda Foundation (FUJEBO). In 2011 this event will take place on Sunday, March 20th at 10:30 a.m. at the Plaza del Estudiante next to the Biblioteca Municipal (city library). The public is encouraged to gather, wearing white clothing, so as to graphically demonstrate the desire for safer days in Santa Cruz.

The Jessika Borda Foundation for Aid to Victims of Delinquency (Fundación Jessika Borda de Ayuda a Víctimas de Delincuencia, or FUJEBO) is concerned about the general atmosphere of confrontation and violence that is felt on a daily basis in the city and believes it results in social stess and intolerance.

FUJEBO receives calls every day about both public and domestic violence and supports victims that have suffered physical and psychological injury, in many cases irreparable.

FUJEBO was established by former U.S. consular agent Rhea Borda, in rememberance of her daughter, Jessika Borda, whose life was taken violently several years ago in Santa Cruz.

In 2011 city authorities and representatives of various institutions, schools and families will participate. Entertainment will be provided. The public is encouraged and invited to take part, wearing white.

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