Santa Cruz Bolivia State Government Supports Earth Hour 2011

by Gobierno Autónomo Departamental de Santa Cruz
((Edificio Central: Av. Omar Chávez esquina Pozo))

The Government of the Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia supports creating awareness about climate change and has supported Earth Hour actions since 2009. During Earth Hour, lights are turned off at its central office building, the Casa de Gobierno, and its numerous branch offices.

Once again the Government of Santa Cruz is taking a leadership position in fighting climate change. It is cooperating with various actions and events in Santa Cruz and has a placed an Earth Hour banner on its website ( to encourage its site visitors to join the cause.

In order to mitigate climate change, contribute to environmental quality and help control it, reduce environmental risks, and preserve natural resources and protected areas, the Santa Cruz Government has a Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues Office which is responsible for disseminating, executing programs and educating the public on environmental education programs that are available.

To this end, it also created the first Environmental Education Center of Bolivia (CEA). The center will carry out activities, offer courses, training, and others, all free to students, professionals and individuals who want to learn more about caring for the environment.

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