Santa Cruz Bolivia has the Purest Water in Latin America

According to a study done by Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF), Santa Cruz de la Sierra scores 99.3 out of 100 in water quality, one of the purest in Latin America, announced Ignacio Álvarez, Operations Manager of the Santa Cruz water cooperative, Servicio de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado Cloacal (SAGUAPAC).

He assured that the capital of the state of Santa Cruz is a very privileged city with water quality that exceeds that of the continent's largest capital cities such as Río de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

"The residents of Santa Cruz have great coverage, and we are in an excellent situation, which means we have sufficient good quality water distributed by a solid, internationally renowned water cooperative, Saguapac," stated Álvarez.

He indicated that currently the cooperative has 170,000 members but over one million people in the capital of Santa Cruz actually benefit as users with the guaranteed they can consume water of a quality superior to that of any other city in Bolivia or Latin America.

Source: La Estrella del Oriente - Date: SC-2011-03-23

Did you know?

According to the World Bank SAGUAPAC is the largest water cooperative in the world and one of the most successful.

"Owned and controlled by its customers, SAGUAPAC is an enterprise based on honesty, discipline and efficiency...

The cooperative’s corporate culture embodies values of self-help, responsibility, democracy, equality and solidarity...

Its organisational structure has enabled it to isolate decisions from political interference...

The high degree of self-reliance and a strong sense of regional identity and the well-organised and powerful civic movement in the city of Santa Cruz are very favourable to cooperatives."
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