Santa Cruz Bolivia Bicentennial Events September 2010

Throughout the month of September Santa Cruz, Bolivia will be celebrating the bicentennial of its first struggle for freedom from Spain. The Departmental (State) Government and Municipal (City) Government both plan activities and events in celebration of this date.

There will be art exhibits, concerts, parties, dances, cultural events, official activities, and much more. In addition to these, many organizations and institutions also hold events, as do restaurants, hotels, and others. Read all about
Santa Cruz in September here.

Some of these events will be very interesting for foreigners because you'll have the opportunity to learn about the history of Bolivia's tropical eastern region, and you'll see and hear some of it's colorful culture and music.

Some other Bolivian departments will also be celebrating their bicentennials in September, such as Cochabamba. The Municipal Government of Cochabamba has been adding information on their events to our website every day as well, so be sure to use these many ways to keep informed.

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September Bicentennial Program - Sta. Cruz State Government

September Bicentennial Program - Sta. Cruz City Government

September Bicentennial Program - Cochabamba Government

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