Rescued Miner Gets New Job and House in Bolivia

On Monday Carlos Mamani, the Bolivian miner who was rescued along with 32 others from 700 meters depth in the San José Mine in Chile, accepted a job offer from President Evo Morales: he's now the Head of Transportation for YPFB, the state-owned oil company with a $1000/month salary and a house in Cochabamba.

Wearing a miner's helmet and special sunglasses to protect his eyesight, Mamani arrived at El Alto International Airport on an American Airlines flight, along with his wife, siblings and in-laws, to meet with the head of state at the government palace.

"He now has permission to travel to Chile to take care of any pending issues he has there. My nephew has accepted the job and we thank the president for his generosity. He will begin his job in a few days but as of this moment he is Head of Transportation for YPFB in Cochabamba. He's going to earn very well, 7000 bolivianos," said Mamani's uncle after the lunch meeting.

For 69 days the 33 miners were trapped 700 meters underground in the San José mine, located in the province of Copiapó, in northern Chile. Evo Morales was present on Wednesday the 14th in San José to witness Mamani's rescue.

Carlos Mamani thanked the Chilean government for the work it did to make his rescue, and those of 32 others, possible. "Chile gave me an opportunity and I'm thankful. The people are very nice and they've treated us very well and showed us solidarity," he said, without entering into greater detail.

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Oct 20, 2010
Two miners died this week
by: Anonymous

Raúl Reynaga Vargas, a 17-year old miner died yesterday when he inhabled carbon monoxide in the Cerro Rico of Potosí and Armando Mamani, a 25-year old miner, died on Monday due to "massive trauma" when he was crushed by a load of minerals in the San Andrés mine, 20 kilometers from Potosí.

Oct 19, 2010
all miners are not equal
by: Anonymous

Bolivian miners are now demanding they all get treated as well as Mamami. Most of them don't make anywhere near $1000 a month and none get free housing. They were saying on the radio today that all the miners in Potosí are indignant and that when there are mining accidents no authorities help out. They also said about 10-11 miners had died in accidents over the past few weeks and that didn't even make the local news. Plus none get cushy job offers in a total unrelated field. From miner to oil company executive? What's wrong that picture.

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