Reina de Enin Bolivian Amazon Boat Tour to Cease in April 2016

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The Reina de Enin Ecological Cruiser is a riverboat that navigates on the Mamore River, the largest river in Bolivia, and a tributary of the Bolivia Amazon River. The cruiser offers 2-6 day tours during which time you will be in close contact with wildlife and nature. It is possible to take hikes, go horseback riding, observe wild animals, visit indigenous communities, or just lay back in your hammock with a cold drink. It's also your chance to search for the pink river dolphin in Bolivia.

Reina de Enin, Amazon, Bolivia

The Bolivian Amazon is an ecological paradise, most of which is located in the northern state of Beni. In the beautiful and dynamic Amazon you’ll see a great variety of animals. It will not be difficult to see crocodiles, capybaras (biggest rodent on Earth), turtles and many birds like macaws, toucans and hummingbirds. And although they can be shy, you will probably see pink river dolphins. No wonder the owners Jorge Rivera and his wife, could not resist sharing it with others.

For more information on this and many other ecotours and tours in Bolivia contact Ruta Verde Bolivia. Owners Gijs and Maria Eugenia speak English and Dutch. They shared this article!

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