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by WWF Bolivia
(Santa Cruz Bolivia)

This is the fourth digital-only edition of the quarterly report WWFolio Bolivia, in order to reduce our ecological footprint saving paper, ink and consignments. We invite you to read about our current projects, to share it with your contacts, or to subscribe to the sending by writing an email to

In this edition you will learn about:


· Sustainable development, everyone’s concern


· First Chiquitano Pantanal Meeting: union of views

· Bolivian Pantanal is revealed in books as a source of education and biodiversity

· Good practices for cattle ranching in the Pantanal attract the interest of Bolivian and Brazilian ranchers

· Pantanal park rangers: Trained to preserve our Pantanal


· Permanent plots to monitor Brazil nut in the Bolivian Amazon

· Organizations launch a South American Conservation Strategy of River Dolphin

· Mobile camp will contribute to the protection of the Manuripi National Amazon Wildlife Reserve


· Trade-forest mission in Concepción

· Indigenous community of Zapocó: A success story

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