Read the latest edition of WWFolio October 2009

by WWF Bolivia
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

Read the latest edition of WWF Bolivia's online magazine WWFolio. Click here to open the magazine and find out all about what WWF is doing to preserve the environment and inform about climate change mitigation in Bolivia.

In this edition you can read about:


· Forest certification: A serious approach to conservation


· Feature story on sustainable cattle ranching in the Bolivian Pantanal wins award

· 3rd EcoPantanal Fair in Puerto Quijarro

· Photographs of the Pantanal, visiting the municipalities in southeastern Bolivia


· Adventure tourism in Yunga Pampa: Between the Mosetenes mountain range and the last foothills of the Andes


· Effective market links through the Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) Bolivia

· Forest Certification in Bolivia: Opportunities for markets and alliances between stakeholders

· The Certified Forest Walkway

· Becoming acquainted with lesser-known timber species: Apuleia leiocarpa

· Community Based Forest Enterprises in Latin America, Africa and Asia sustainably manage their forests

· LIVING PUBLICATIONS: Field Guide: FSC group certification in Bolivia

· LIVING PUBLICATIONS: Guide for contracts between communities and companies for wood products


· Trivia on Climate Change

· September 4th: National Protected Areas Day in Bolivia

· Train from Kyoto to Copenhagen to raise awareness on climate change ahead of crucial UN conference

· WWF urges the UE to prohibit use of energy wasting light bulbs

· Copenhagen citizens to reach for the switch as climate spotlight settles on city


· Budget execution of Fiscal Year 2009: by funding sources.

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