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Reach Bolivia is a low cost volunteer agency based in La Paz, Bolivia. Our main mission is to close the gap between projects and volunteers, since a lot of organizations don’t have the opportunity to reach out for volunteers and volunteers can contact the projects.

We work with tailor made positions as well as fixed positions, so both the organization and the volunteer will have an important role and will feel that their job is valuable and useful. We also work with Universities and Internships, so students can make their practices in different business in Bolivia.

Founded in 2008 Reach Bolivia has already brought 21 people to Bolivia and all of them have made a very important contribution to our society. All of them left loving this country and all that comes with it. See volunteer testimonials here. Reach Bolivia has different opportunities from 2 weeks up to long term volunteering opportunities. Here are some of our projects.

Disabled Children's Hospital

As a volunteer you will assist the children in their daily routine, playing with them and feeding the children, as well as helping them gain more independence. You will receive a program made by an occupational therapist which will give you a pretty good idea about how exactly you can help and it includes routines that will help them improve.

As a professional in health, psychology and occupational or art therapy you will have the chance to evaluate, create programs and follow established programs. To ensure the children receive better attention and gain independence, you will also work directly with other volunteers as your assistants to.

After School Program

We have two different opportunities with this project, one is with children who suffer from domestic violence and the other is with orphan children. The main goal of these positions is to help children improve their grades and create study habits that will improve their school performance. It is not necessary to have previous experience but an intermediate level of Spanish is needed. Other professionals are needed, such as:

• Psychologists, to carry out short therapies with the children (minimum time 3 months). Good command of Spanish is necessary.
• Educators, to evaluate children and create programs that the local educators can follow to help these children get better grades and learn basic skills to overcome their disability.
• Art Therapists, to create art programs so children will have a way of expressing their frustrations and problems at home.

Jail Children

This project works with children who live in Jail with their parents. This program is located outside the prison and in the outskirts of La Paz. Here various professionals as well as volunteers without training are needed, to help the children.

The Homeless Population

Working with children and teenagers that live in the street, by making friends and following a very tight art and theater schedule, as well as journalism. Therefore people involved in arts are very necessary, as well people without any training.

Medical Elective

This is for people that are about to finish their medical school or are at least in 3rd year. They can come to Bolivia and work in a hospital and ambulance. The work is provided depending on the student’s field of expertise or interest.

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