We're Trashing Planet Earth with Stuff!

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We're trashing planet earth and are we concerned about it? This has nothing to do with Bolivia and probably isn't the reason you're visiting this site, but I think this is so important that I decided to include this on the site anyways. I challenge you to not only watch the three videos below, but to share them, post them on your site or blog, and think about how each of us can contribute to changing this cycle. Here in Bolivia we see first hand how the Earth's source of oxygen, the rainforest, is being destroyed at an alarming rate. If a child can understand this, anyone can.

Do you know where all your stuff goes?

Did you know that the world's largest landfill is not on land at all? It's a huge patch of trash that is accumulating in the Pacific Ocean at a point where currents converge and create a sort of whirlpool called a "gyre". Trash and plastic from all over the world is carried by currents to the Pacific Gyre where a floating trashpit TWICE THE SIZE OF TEXAS is growing and growing every day. That's how we're treating Planet Earth???

Right now there is six times more plastic than krill and zooplankton in this area of the ocean. The sad thing is, birds and fish can't tell the difference between the plastic and their food. Millions of birds and fish are dying each year because they've swallowed so much of OUR PLASTIC WASTE. The sadder thing is, there are dozens of islands of trash just like this one filling our oceans. Do we really NEED all of the STUFF we buy?

Do we really NEED all the stuff we buy?

The Story of Stuff Part 1

The Story of Stuff Part 2

The Story of Stuff Part 3

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