Peruvian Newspaper Claims Evo and Chavez are Training Terrorists

An annual report on terrorism presented by the United States Department of State reveals the existence of Shining Path and Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) camps within Bolivian territory, where military training is also taking place; therefore, it is assumed this has been approved by Evo Morales' government, indicates Peruvian newspaper "La Razón".

According to "La Razón", extracts of the document published by various international media, indicate in one section that three groups are now present in Bolivia: the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), and the MRTA and Shining Path of Peru.

The Peruvian newspaper indicates that a Cochabamba, Bolivia newspaper stated "the Department of State report echoes claims that military training is being given within Bolivian territory to members of the FARC, Shining Path, and MRTA".

Sustaining the possibility that subversives have the approval of Evo Morales' government is a portion of the report that states "the Bolivian government provided minimal cooperation in 2009 in the war against terrorism. We have no information that it is taking effective measures against terrorism".

Washington indicates that although the United States "has the resources to train anti-terrorism forces in Bolivia, the latter has rejected the possibility of the U.S. sending personnel to work with these programs".

On the other hand, the report sustains that Bolivia has a series of structural deficiencies in terms of preventing the funding of terrorist groups within its territory.

When this information was made known, instead of denying it Evo Morales attacked the report, crossly assuring that the United States welcomes "delinquents, corrupt persons, and terrorists" within its own territory.

Same Modality

It should be noted that according to the same report, Venezuela "offers support to Colombian (terrorist) groups such as the FARC or the National Liberation Army (ELN)". In addition, it highlights that "at times the weapons acquired by the Venezuelan Army have ended up in the hands of the FARC".

Add to this Colombia's claim to the Organization of American States (OAS) that 1500 FARC subversives are in Venezuela, and that they have camps and are supported by that government, and it should not be surprising that the same type of cooperation is being given by the Bolivian government to Peruvian terrorists.


After this document was disseminated, Saúl Lara, a former Bolivian government minister, indicated that his country risks political and economic isolation if it insists on not cooperating with the war on terrorism.

"Terrorism is a group of activities destined to generating violence to instill fear in the population; therefore it should be combated no matter what its tendency is. What the United States has indicated is worrisome. If Bolivia doesn?t change its attitude, it will experience international political and economic isolation", he asserted.

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Source: Opinión
Date: 11-Aug-2010

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