Online Transaction Payment Services

Which payment services do you prefer? If you are going to work for customers outside of Bolivia, you’ll have to determine which is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive way for them to pay you.

We can all simply ask our customers to wire transfer our payments to our Bolivian bank accounts. But, depending on the amount due and the Bolivian bank that you use, the wire transfer fees can be quite high. And if both parties are not dealing in the same currency, you may potentially lose additional amounts of money due to the currency conversion rate. Lastly, and again depending on the amount received, your Bolivian bank may require you to fill out extensive paperwork prior to being allowed access to the money deposited into your account.

Western Union and Moneygram may also charge fees that are just too high in comparison to the amounts you expect to receive. Some loss of time and money can be eased by using other methods of payment, such as online payment services like Paypal and Xoom. The following links list other alternatives. You can Google “online payment services” or “online transaction services” or even “alternatives to paypal” to find more.

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