News Video - 2nd Day of Labor Union Protests in La Paz

10 May 2012. La Paz. Labor unions caused havoc once again in La Paz, on the second day of a 72-hour work stoppage. They are demanding the Bolivian government increase the minimum wage further than the 8% offered by the government. They are also demanding Decree 1126 be annulled, which increases the workday from 6 hours to 8.

Hundreds of COB (Central Obrera Boliviana) labor union members met at 10:00 at the general cemetery to march toward Plaza Murillo, location of the presidential palace, where they planned to surround the plaza.

One protester indicated the Government Ministry had ordered protest leaders to be identified and arrested, and stated the workers understand that as a threat on the part of the government. "If the government provokes us, we the workers will once again respond, and we will not be held responsible for the consequences if something happens today," states the first man interviewed in the news video above.

The COB is the national association of labor unions. It has ordered the 72-hour work stoppage, road blocks and protests take place nationwide.

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