News Video - 200 Miners March with Dynamite in La Paz

10 May 2012. La Paz. On the second day of mass protests throughout Bolivia, a group of about 200 miners marched into La Paz from Huanini, to reinforce the 72-hour labor union protests against a government decree that increases the workday by to hours. Protesters are also demanding the government decree a higher minimum wage for workers. Since yesterday, miners have shown they have large amounts of dynamite and are willing to use it, by shooting off sticks of dynamite as they marched through the streets.

La Paz has been in chaos for nearly all week. Public bus drivers staged a two-day protest on Monday and Tuesday by blocking hundreds of streets throughout the city with their vehicles, and forcing tens of thousands of people to walk to work, some for miles. Bus drivers were protesting a new city ordinance which will re-organize bus routes.

The protests in La Paz and elsewhere throughout the country has made it difficult, and in some places impossible, to travel between cities.

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