My Fathers Day Prayer for You

March 19th is Fathers Day in Bolivia. This is my prayer for fathers everywhere. Please turn on your speakers as the slideshow below contains music. Feel free to share and post your own comments or Fathers Day message below.

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Mar 18, 2012
Father's Day Prayer
by: Teresa J.Brown de Peña

Thank you Charis, for sharing your prayer with me, with us! I believe it was inspired and I know that it is truly inspirational! As I read it through cleansing tears, it truly touched my soul. Rarely in my life have I had an experience like this.

It illuminated my soul and brought light to some obsure and dark corners therein! It says what I have felt and have wanted to say and share with my dad for so very long.

I want to share it with my loved ones: my husband, our daughter, my parents, my brother, my sisters, my in-laws and my friends. Everyone has a different relationship with their father and every father has a different relationship with each son and daughter.

Often, there is so much to love, yet, so much to hate, so much strength and weakness; understanding and misunderstanding; clarity and confusion. There is sharing, trust, love and hope, yet hiding, mistrust, hate and despair lurk, ready to sabotoge and ambush the relationship! This prayer addresses the different aspects, circumstances and levels of such a relationship while acknowledging the needs of both the man and the other person!

Thank you!

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