military training

by Tom

To Evo Morales,
President of Bolivia

Mister President,

You already received a letter from PETA , animal protecting association, about the training given to your commandos in ESCONBOL, the Bolivian school for Condors ( But I would ask you some more questions with a lot of european actors as witnesses of your answers:

1. Is really 2nd Lt Norman Gulo Aquilar from ABC 063 paid to teach the commandos students to become cannibals?

2. Do your recruits have to be cannibals before being recruited in your army, or do they become cannibals after your military Trg?

3. Do you really think that steeling dogs of the population, torturing and stabbing them are parts of the aim of so-named "order forces" and will bring you the trust of your population?

4. Is your so-stupid 2nd Lieutenant Norman Gulo Aquilar a real officer who is supposed to have succeeded any academic studies?

5. Is this type of training the fruit of the ideas of your military staf? Do you have former "enemy's heart eaters" commandos in your government (just to know for their menu, in case of traveling in European community)?

6. Do you really think that killing, by four commandos, a poor stolen and hungry dog is usefull to learn knife fighting against any armed enemy soldier?

7. Do you really think that training those students to cross the law, to teach them to bite their enemy's heart, will give you a faithful army?

8. Is there any use to send money to NGO's for a government who gives officially a training to its army to bite in a bleeding heart, which is supposed to be the enemy's one?

9. Are those tribal or animist acts parts of the government program?

Thank you for your attention, and waiting for your answers, please receive my best salutations.
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