Making a difficult move, not just easy but exciting

by Ana Rojas
(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

I have lived in 2 different cities (Sucre and La Paz) in Bolivia and I speak Spanish you might not expect that I was dreading to move to yet another Bolivian city.

Each move meant dealing with finding a place that meant knocking on doors, blindly going to places that were in the newspaper, to negotiating (them knowing I am a "foreigner")... then comes the fun part of running to all the different offices to get connected to internet, cable, and phone. I was seriously stressing. Then my angel Charis came along.

I did not have much time (who does) so we emailed a bit. I came to Santa Cruz for a week. She showed me several places that were good and one that was basically perfect. Because she knew what was important for me she found great places. Because she is Bolivian she got me a good deal.

What was horrible in each city was easy here. Then she helped me with setting everything up.

And if that was not enough she invited me to an expat meeting that helped me meet some other really really nice people to have coffee with.

She is one of my angels. One of my professional and very hard working angels.

Thank you Charis... my whole family thanks you.


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