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Living Overseas is our online "reading room", if you will. An area exclusively for expatriates, third culture kids, overseas workers, volunteers, and global nomads in general. I myself am a TCK (third culture kid), avid tourist, sometimes travel writer, and global nomad mom. Let's face it. Reading about a place isn't the best way to research a possible new home, but it is helpful. My suggestion for those who are considering a move to Bolivia is to make a reconnaissance visit first, if it is financially possible for you to do so. But, there are other factors that influence whether or not you and/or your family will adjust well to living overseas, and that's where reading about the experiences of others, learning how best to prepare in advance of such a move, and researching what you can do to make the most of your living abroad experience, can be very helpful. So I've set aside this small corner of our website to list some of the books and resources you might want to consider taking a look at as you prepare to work, retire, volunteer, or live in Bolivia. Living overseas affects our world view and changes us forever. Knowing that we aren't alone in that, and that there are thousands who've undergone some of the same life-changing relocation experiences, can help us transition more smoothly so that we don't feel isolated as we move abroad, trail a spouse, or prepare for repatriation back to our home countries. So take a peek at how to ensure you make the most of international living:

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