Leader of the National Confederation of Indigenous Nations Proposes Branko Marinkovic run for Governor

by A. Reinoso P.
(Santa Cruz)

The leader of the National Confederation of Native Indigenous Nations (Conniob), Víctor Hugo Velasco, proposed yesterday that former civic committee president, Branko Marincovik run as candidate por the Prefecture of Santa Cruz and invited institutions to close ranks for a single candidature.

"Santa Cruz is under constant attack and who better than he who is suffering personally from the abuses of this government," he stated, indicating that departmental leaders and authorities have been notably absent from defending the region, and that's why it's important to react through democratic means: elections this coming 4th of April.

He also indicated that at this time Marinkovic "is the indisputable leader that Santa Cruz needs".

The proposal was well-received by former neighborhood leader Rodolfo Landívar and by the president of the Federation of Campesinos, Wilber Abrahan Silva.

"He is the ideal candidate", said Landívar while Silva stated there is no one better to complete the autonomy process than the person who helped initiate it. The leader of the Departmental Labor Office, Erwin Fernández, indicated that Marinkovic has as much right to run as candidate as anyone else.

Not long ago former ADN party leader Mario Adett Zamora proposed forming a single front in support of the candidature of the former civic leader.

He announced a meeting with several political forces at the home of the former president of the Senate, Hormando Vaca Diez, because "we need a person who can once again court the cruceño vote".

Likewise, the current spokesperson of the PPB Convergencia Nacional in Santa Cruz, Jorge Flores Reus, reported meetings have been held to create a single front in Santa Cruz in view of upcoming municipal and prefectural elections.

However, former president of the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz, Jorge Landívar, asked for caution because "if the Government is persuing Marinkovic now, how will it be once he announced his candidature?"

Marinkovic family spokesperson, Juan Manual Arias, said that for the moment no decision has been made.

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