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Summary: LAN is an airline based out of Chile and Peru with destinations all over the world. It has bases in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. In Bolivia it runs routes to and from Santiago-Chile and Iquique-Chile as well as Lima-Peru. So if you want to fly to Bolivia with LAN, you will necessarily make a stop either in Peru or Chile first. An extra stop may, under some circumstances result in a cheaper flight. You may pay less if you travel in Peru, Chile or another country, prior to entering Bolivia.

In Santa Cruz, Bolivia:

Calle Sucre Edif. Mutual Guapay
Tel: (591-3) 337-0075 and 311-8727
LAN Airlines from Canada to South America
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Destination Argentina   Destination Argentina   Destination Argentina


Destination Chile   Destination Chile   Destination Chile


Destination Ecuador   Destination Ecuador

Destination Ecuador   Destination Ecuador


Destination Peru   Destination Peru   Destination Peru

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