La Paz, Bolivia BANS Plastic Bags!

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

All calls to action begin with ONE person!

All calls to action begin with ONE person!

On December 2, 2009 the city of La Paz, Bolivia passed a municipal ordinance banning the use of plastic bags in all stores of all categories.

Ordinance 560/2009 was passed on Wednesday, 2 December 2009 and orders the use of all plastic bags to be substituted by the use of cloth or recyclable bags in all stores in the city.

The city, in conjunction with neighborhood groups, must now carry out awareness and education campaigns using radio jingles and other media to ensure the population is aware of this new ordinance.

The initiative was promoted by the neighborhood of Villa Fátima.


Because it doesn't matter where you live! Every large or TINY action every single individual person takes DOES make a difference and it's about time we all stopped thinking that it won't.

A couple of months ago I blogged about the Fidalga Supermarkets, congratulating them for being the first store in Santa Cruz to offer the option of cloth bags! I thought that was admirable too! Because they took the action themselves, without needing someone to ORDER them to do it! But if we have to pass ordinances to make this happen, then so be it.

Then just yesterday I put up a page about why is working so hard with local, national and international organizations to help create awareness about climate change. In this article I wrote:

I challenge you to rethink the way you are living. When we look for ways to justify how careless we are with our environment, we say "Everyone else is doing it."

I'm waiting for the day when each of us will actively protect our environment and we'll say it's because "Everyone else is doing it."

So this news has me bouncing of the walls with joy! I think it's so admirable and I congratulate the people of Villa Fátima for instigating this.

See why at we’re so excited about this! If you don't live in Bolivia, why should you care if Bolivia goes green?

A few days ago we had also set up a store section at Bella Store where you can purchase your own cloth bag to replace plastic, and your purchase supports the Green Hearts Project of Tarija, Bolivia. Check it out!


Promulgación de la Ordenanza Municipal 560/2009

2 de diciembre de 2009. La Paz - Bolivia.

Este miércoles 2 de diciembre, se promulgará la Ordenanza Municipal 560/2009, que instruye la sustitución de bolsas de Nylon por bolsas de tela o bolsas biodegradables en los comercios de toda categoría. El EjecutivoMunicipal , en coordinación con la ciudadanía, juntas de vecinos y organizaciones de la sociedad debe realizar campañas de concientización y educación a través de medios radiales, televisivos y gráficos sobre el uso y efectos nocivos al ambiente de las bolsas plásticas. El acto se desarrollará a horas 16:00 en el Salón de Honor del Palacio Consistorial, en la calle Mercado. La iniciativa ha sido impulsada por la Junta de Vecinos de Villa Fátima.

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Oct 04, 2011
bolsas de tela
by: Gloria Rua Salazar

gracias, por el comentario y espero que lo pongan en practica, esta iniciativa ciudadana, de sustituir las bolsas de plastico por las de tela, habrán mas iniciativas mias que las haré conocer.

Jan 27, 2011
nice in theory
by: Anonymous

It is nice to see the new law, but just like the copyright laws that also exist in Bolivia, they are not being inforced.

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