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Jessika Borda, for whom the Fundación Jessika Borda (Fujebo-org) was named.
The Jessika Borda Foundation Aid to Victims of Crime (known as FUJEBO, or Fundación Jessika Borda Ayuda a Víctimas de la Delincuencia, in Spanish) was established in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on January 30, 2004. The foundation is named after a beautiful young woman whose life was taken violently in a carjacking in November 2003.

At a time when crimes of this type were nearly unheard of, Santa Cruz was shaken to its core and attention was drawn to the fact that crime was on the rise and more violent types of crime were making their way into society.

Jessika Borda, who was just 24 years old at the time, loved nature and animals. In turn, she was loved and respected as a young leader who often took an active role in the local community. Her mother, who was the U.S Consular Agent at the time of this shocking event, founded FUJEBO soon after, in an act of selflessness that awakened the nation to this important issue and earned her the support and admiration of a great many.

Today, the Jessika Borda Foundation works fervently to help victims of crime in all stages of recovery, and helps organize and plan educational events and programs to create crime prevention awareness. One such event, for example, is Santa Cruz No Violence Day which takes place every year in March.

The foundation’s objectives include the development and implementation of public safety and crime prevention programs and projects to ensure the right to life and peaceful coexistence in an environment where justice is available to all, indiscriminately.

More specifically, the foundation develops programs and projects that provide aid to victims of crime in the areas of medical, physical, psychological and spiritual health and recovery, legal aid, financial aid, prevention, and social education.

FUJEBO also provides technical assistance to public and private institutions related to public safety, and the protection of individual and collective human rights. In addition, it signs agreements with national and foreign organisms to provide international investment and aid in projects directed at crime prevention, education, research, publications, awareness events, and others.

The Jessika Borda Foundation for Aid to Victims of Crime is a legally established non-profit organization in Bolivia. It continually works on fundraising, and needs both donations and volunteers. If you’d like to volunteer, donate, help plan events, partner with, or support this organization, please contact FUJEBO below.

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