Jessika Borda Foundation Highlights Crime Prevention on "Santa Cruz No Violence Day"

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Rhea Borda, founder of the Jessika Borda Foundation

Rhea Borda, founder of the Jessika Borda Foundation

Rhea Borda, founder of the Jessika Borda Foundation
Camba Aguilillo dedicates poem to crime prevention
City and state authorities pledged support and funds to foundation projects
Dia Cruceño de la No Violencia poster

Santa Cruz, 20 March 2011 - The Jessika Borda Foundation - Aid to Victims of Crime ( held its annual "No Violence Day" today in Santa Cruz to highlight the need for further action to prevent violent crime and educate the public regarding the resources available to victims.

The Jessika Borda Foundation was founded in January 2004 by Rhea Borda, an American citizen living in Santa Cruz whose daughter's life was taken during a carjacking in 2003. Over the past 7 years the Jessika Borda Foundation has grown to include psychological, medical, legal and financial help for victims of crime. In addition, the foundation develops crime prevention and education programs and projects and holds events, such as "Santa Cruz No Violence Day".

Representatives of several city and state institutions participated in this event along with members of the public, all of whom wore white to symbolize peace. The event took place at the "Plaza del Estudiante" near the public library, and across the street from the Santa Cruz district court house from 10:30 a.m. until noon. Members of the press covered the event.

The Santa Cruz State Government's Public Safety Office signed an agreement with the Jessika Borda Foundation to provide funds for specific projects aimed at educating the public over the coming year. Representatives from the Santa Cruz municipal government and the Santa Cruz civic committee were also present to pledge their support.

The public was entertained by a band playing typical local music and the "Camba Aguilillo" who recited poetry in the traditional "cruceño" story-telling fashion, with an emphasis on crime prevention and a call for the public to take ownership of the problem and assist with crime prevention. One of his poems was written specifically for this event.

Santa Cruz is the fastest growing city in South America at this time.

The city's rapid growth and development are accompanied by a measurable increase in violent crime rates. The Jessika Borda Foundation and its local, national and international partners and supporters encourage the public to take a stand against violent crime, report crimes that are committed, and participate more actively in helping to keep crime rates down. At this time the foundation is seeking international partners to help provide funding for crime prevention and education projects in Bolivia and also has several volunteer opportunities available. Read more about the Jessika Borda Foundation and how you can help, here.

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Aug 04, 2011
La cara de la violencia de género.
by: Anonymous

Santa Cruz si esta creciendo, en crimen, narcotrafico, prostitucion.
Las familias Cruzeñas han perdido sus valores ,el anhelo de sus hijas es ser Miss de algo, ponerse silicono y ser prostitutas de lujo.
Donde están las hijas de familia? Casarse anted de tener hijos. Los hombres son irresponsables, machistas y violentos.
Se debe cambiar esta cultura con educacion y valores, por que dan mal nombre a todos los Cruzeños.

Mar 21, 2011
Mrs. Rhea
by: Oky

Dear Mrs. Rhea, Such a good memories came to my mind. Do you remember when I was actively envolved with FUJEBO ? it was a great opportunity to me in order to serve others and my precious Santa Cruz. I'm sending you a big hug from Mahwah, New Jersey.

Best Regards.

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