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Invoice templates and online invoice generators can make our lives easier when the time comes to issue an invoice to a client. But, each country has its own standards for invoicing. This may include the format, the information and data that must be included, and whether or not invoices are government issued.

You can Google keywords such as “United States invoicing requirements” or “Canada invoicing standards” or “Information required on invoices for the European Union” to find out, but best way to know exactly which information needs to be included on your invoice, is to simply ask your customers. They know better than anyone else, exactly what they need the invoice to reflect, in order for it to be valid in their country. Their companies might also have their own internal invoicing standards.

Free Invoice Templates

In the United States, when you want to invoice a client, you simply create an invoice on your computer and email it or mail it to your client. Unlike Bolivia, invoices are not necessarily government issued or numbered (with a few industry exceptions, such as exports and imports). Currently, freelance contractors such as translators and interpreters, do not need government-issued invoices. You can create any style of invoice you like, add your logo, and create your own numbering system.

If designing your own invoice seems like too much work, try the following websites. Because we are free to design our own invoices, hundreds of websites in the USA offer FREE invoice templates. If you don’t find an invoice design on one of these websites, try Googling “free invoice templates” and you’ll be able to browse through hundreds of websites that offer more templates than you can imagine: | |

Free Invoice Generators

The problem with simple invoice templates, is that you can’t actually fill them in. You have to print them out and fill them in (or just use them for ideas for your own invoice design). If you’d rather not design your own invoices, take a look at these websites. They offer FREE ready-made invoice templates that you can actually fill in online, then download to your computer, or email to your client. What could be easier? And again, if you don’t find an invoice template design that you like on one of these websites, just Google “free invoice generators”. If you use online payment services such as PayPal or Xoom, to charge your customers, some have their own invoice generators. | | |


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