Invitation to Participate in the 8th International Baroque Music Festival of Santa Cruz Bolivia

by APAC Asociación Pro Arte y Cultura
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia)

The International Baroque and Renaissance Music Festival of Santa Cruz Bolivia takes place every two years, on even-numbered years, in the Jesuit Mission towns of the regions of Chiquitos and Guarayos in the state of Santa Cruz and in the Moxos region in the northern state of Beni, the two largest states in Bolivia, covering nearly the entire Eastern half of the country. Numerous concerts will also take place in the capital city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Most concerts take place within the beautifully restored ancient Jesuit temples found in these jungle towns.

The Jesuit Missions Baroque Music Festival takes place in dozens of historic Jesuit Mission towns and the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra simultaneously over a period of 10 days. Individuals and ensembles from all over the world are invited to travel to Bolivia to play ancient hand-written original scores of baroque music, now a national treasure, that were found throughout the Jesuit Missions located deep in the tropics of Bolivia, several of which have been named Heritage of Humanity sites by UNESCO. Musicians will also have the opportunity to play several ancient instruments found in various towns. A number of these sites are also part of a Jesuit Missions tour circuit, one of Bolivia's popular tourist attractions.

Applications are now being accepted and individual musicians and ensembles are now invited to participate in the 2010 International Baroque and Renaissance Music Festival. If you are interested in participating, please read and follow the guidelines below. The application deadline is August 30, 2011. Click here to learn more about the Jesuit Missions of Bolivia.

For more on the history of baroque music in Bolivia, and to see some of the actual towns in which the festival will take place, watch this documentary (English subtitles):

View parts 2 and 3 of the documentary here.


Note: Please specify clearly your postal address, email address, and telephone number.

1.- The Festival is held biennially (every other year).

2.- The 9th Festival will be held from the 26 April through the 6 May 2012.

3.- The 9th Meeting of the International Scientific Symposium on Musicology (commonly known by its Spanish-language acronym, ECSIM) will be held on the 24th and 25st of April 2012. Details will be released soon regarding the Symposium's theme and coordination.

4.- The locations of the Festival will be:

- the city and departmental capital of Santa Cruz de la Sierra
- the old Jesuit mission towns of Chiquitos
- the old Jesuit mission towns of Moxos
- the old Franciscan mission towns of Guarayos
- and other locations

5.- Soloists, choral groups, and groups of chamber musicians with a repertoire of American and European Renaissance and baroque musical offerings may participate.

6.- A group may not be composed of more than twenty (20) participants. Exceptional cases may be referred to the APAC Organising Committee, whose decision is final.

7.- The deadline for application to perform for all participants is the 30th of August 2011.

8.- Given the large number of expected applications, APAC will respond only to those groups which have been approved for participation, starting the 31st of January 2012.

9.- Approved participants will offer a minimum of two (2) separate concerts during the Festival. Each participant, whether a soloist or group, will prepare a programme whose duration should range between 50 and 60 minutes in length of performance. In exceptional cases, a programme may briefly exceed the maximum time limit of 60 minutes, with prior approval from the Festival's Artistic Director. However, the Organising Committee (APAC) reserves the right to accept the program in its totality and/or to suggest changes.

10.- Approved participants will include in their repertoire around ten (10) minutes of music taken from the Archives of Chiquitos, Moxos, Sucre (La Plata), or from another Bolivian archive. If need be, participants may contact APAC to purchase scores of these musical arrangements, or they may contact the Festival's musical director to arrange a special programme, which must be assessed and approved prior to performance of the same. Approved participants that have participated in previous festivals are not permitted to repeat earlier programmes nor to modify a previous programme for use again. All programmes must be completely new.

11.- When using interpretations of works from the musical archives of Bolivia published by Fondo Editorial APAC, the approved participants will use only the original published material: photocopies of these works will not be allowed unless in the case of authorised exceptions.

12.- APAC will make available for approved participants? use during the Festival three organs, four keyboards and one spinet, as well as an electronic keyboard. Nevertheless, all approved participants are strongly advised to bring all musical instruments they anticipate needing.

13.- APAC will supply each approved participant credentials to enter paid concerts. It will not supply free entrance passes to other concerts, nor to a group as a whole, only specific individuals who comprise the group.

14.- In one or more of the locations of the Festival, recordings will be made, including of the rehearsals as well as of the concert, in order to make high-fidelity audio files and accompanying videos. These files will remain in APAC's files as well as be distributed. The Festival will highlight each approved participant's performance, including 10 to 15 minutes of each programme, in CD format, on cassette and in commercial videos. In return, the approved participants will receive a CD and interpretation of the performance in their native language.

15.- APAC suggests that each approved participant bring relevant materials (such as discs, books, or videos) of programmes for distribution and sale in Bolivia. APAC is committed to collaborating with all approved participants in this regard.

16.- All approved participants will pay their transport costs from their places of origin to Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) and return, including airport taxes and other expenses and fees related to the trip. APAC will provide all approved participants accommodation, meals, interprovincial transport and accident insurance coverage in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and the mission towns in which the festival will be held.

- Accommodation with be in double, triple and/or quadruple rooms, with shared baths, in 2-, 3- or 4-star hotels. In some towns, 3- and 4-star hotels do not exist.
- Meals (which include breakfast, lunch and supper) will be arranged in previously selected locations.
- Interprovincial transport will be by bus or small plane.

17.- All approved participants will supply the following documentation:

- A letter requesting approved participation, in which the group indicates that it (or the soloist in the case of their being just one performer) has read these instructions and will abide by all points included therein.

- A 30-minute CD, with music recorded by the group (or soloist), or of musical works published by the group (or soloist).

- The attached form, with all required information completed.

18.- All documentation must be sent in one packet to the Association for Art and Culture (APAC) to one of the following address:

Asociación Pro Arte y Cultura (APAC)
P.O. Box 3673
Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Asociación Pro Arte y Cultura (APAC)
Av. Busch 552
Tel: (+591) 3) 333-2287
Santa Cruz de la Sierra

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