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Numerous institutions and entities are attached to the Bolivian government. Below are some of the most relevant institutions for potential investors and others interested in doing business with or in Bolivia. This page was updated in August 2012.

Institutions of the Plurinational State of Bolivia

Presidencia de la República
Presidency of the Republic

Vice Presidencia de la República
Vice Presidency of the Republic

Prensa de Palacio
Presidential Palace Press Page

Honorable Congreso Nacional
Honorable National Congress

Gaceta Oficial
Official Government Gazette

Servicio de Impuestos Nacionales
National Tax Service

Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas
National Institute of Statistics

Órgano Judicial
Judicial Body

Órgano Electoral Plurinacional
Plurinational Electoral Body

Aduana Nacional de Bolivia
Bolivian National Customs Service

Dirección General de Migración
National Immigration Department

National Corporate Registry

Banco Central de Bolivia
Central Bank of Bolivia

Source: Presidency of the Republic website and the individual websites of each institution, as listed above

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